B(h)ORN T'WIN - parts only


This item contains ONLY PARTS FOR HORNS 1 - 12.  Choose this item ONLY if you have already purchased the score + parts.  

B(h)ORN T’WIN is the First prize Winner of the Twin Cities Horn Club Composition Competition (2017). It was composed for a 12-horn ensemble, to be played by students and amateurs, and includes musical content and integrity to honor the professional hornists. The piece begins with a 5th horn introspective solo transformed in a duet on the repeat while the other players perform spacial effects. the mood starts to change, it transforms into an heroic theme, and then it acquires a funky style with written improvisations, responses, and rythmic horn percussions with most of the horns eventually joining in the infectious rhythms.

Ricardo Matosinhos is an award-winning composer, hornist, and pedagogue from Portugal.  Ricardo has written several etudes for horn, as well as a large number of solo, chamber, and large ensemble works for a variety of instruments.  He studied horn at Esproarte and the Superior School of Music and Performing Arts, and wrote his master’s dissertation, “Annotated Bibliography of Horn Etudes published Between 1950-2011,” at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. He has performed in a variety of orchestras, and taught masterclasses in Portugal, Czechia, Estonia, and Latvia.  Currently, Ricardo is teaching at the Academia de Música de Costa Cabral and attending the PhD program in Music and Musicology at the University of Évora.

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