Tanguito, for horn alone, is a low horn showpiece. It features the moods and modes of the tango, with the solo instrument providing a driving and measured rhythmic accompaniment in between turns on a traditional melodic tango figure. The mood shifts from a steady pace to a swirling trio section in a rapid arpeggiation highly suggestive of a vigorous and synchronous dancing duo.  At just under 4 minutes, the piece is quite programmable in almost any recital or concert where a low-horn piece is welcome.  Tanguito was recorded by Denise Tryon on her album “So-Low”, a compendium of pieces written for the horn’s low register.

Dante Yenque has played horn in some of the great ensembles of Europe and South America. A native of Peru, he studied at the National Conservatory of Music in Lima.  He performed in the Youth Orchestra Simon Bolívar and the Latin-American Symphony, and was first solo horn in the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Caracas. In Europe, his studies continued with Michael Höltzel, and he played in such distinguished groups as Munich Philharmonic, Staatskapelle Dresden, and Philharmonia Hungarica, among others. His most recent appointment was as first solo horn of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra.

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