German Violin - circa 1875


This is a German made violin, estimated to have been made circa 1875.  No maker's label was on the instrument, however the luthier has inserted a label indicating it's origin.  

Purchased on spec. as a student violin, it was decided to regraduate, finish, and set up the violin as possibly a better instrument when done.  The top and back were both regraduated, a new bass bar was installed, new bushings were installed in the peg holes, and the instrument has been completely set up with new pegs, strings, nut, bridge, tailpiece and gut, and chin rest, and French polished for an excellent finish.

Our efforts were rewarded, as the wood on the instrument is a very good quality wood and the graduation to a professional specification has made this a resonant instrument with excellent character and voice in all the registers

The violin is supplied with a case, but no bow.  A bow may be purchased separately if needed.  Shipping costs based on destination.  U.S. sale, only.

Color variation in pictures dependent on whether the flash was used.

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