New-Found Journal


The New-Found Journal was commissioned by Markus Htzel and the Melton Tuba Quartet. This woodwind quartet version was arranged for the Quatuor de Vents du Luxembourg. Perusing rows of ancient leather-bound volumes in a baronial private library, a browser pauses, his hand hovering over a burnished tome. The word 'Journal,' embossed in gold, gleams through heavy dust and he slides it carefully from the shelf where it has sat, untouched, for decades...perhaps centuries. Gingerly he turns to the first yellowed page - and plunges into a world of swashbuckling adventure, recorded in evocative detail by a 16th-century spice trader. His seafaring escapades and exotic encounters are left to the imagination of the listener...

Kerry Turner is one of the most recognized names in the world of brass playing. He has performed with the American Horn Quartet, the Virtuoso Horn Duo, and the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, among many other ensembles. He has performed and taught in Germany, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, the United States and the Czech Republic. Turner has written works for horn in combination with virtually every genre of chamber music including commissions by the United States Air Force Heritage of America Band, the Luxembourg Philharmonic, the Japanese Horn Ensemble, and the Richmond, Virginia Chamber Music Society (with Thomas Jostlein), among others. He has been awarded top prizes at the International Horn Society Composition Contest as well as the IBLA Foundation.

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